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Physician's Dashboard for Radiology Department


The Physician's dashboard aims to help improve the workflow processes in a radiology department, monitoring every stage of the clinical care process within the department.

The development of an extensible, scalable and secure web-based Physician's Dashboard; that allows access to display:

  • Real-time clinical and workflow metrics
  • Related reports from RIS

A Physician's Dashboard for the Radiology Department will monitor ongoing clinical and workflow metrics. The real-time monitoring of the flow of the patient in the radiology department will use data entered in the RIS. The primary users of the application are administrative staff, technologists and PACS administrators.

Ideally, the Physician’s dashboard should be centerpiece of multiple research initiates the IPILab has created for clinical implementation. We believe this Dashboard could be the host infrastructure to deploy clinical tools that will facilitate a secure, controlled and easy access to data for research and will make the workflow more efficient for the radiology department.

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